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HHH Internship
Come join the fun and intern with us!

Divine Providence of South Dakota is committed to providing an internship experience that will acquaint students/recent graduates with the working environment of a non-profit, while providing them with hands-on Hope, Healing & Hoof Prints equine experiences in the arena.

Interns Will:

· Gain experience working with adults and children who are survivors of Child Sexual         Abuse

· Gain experience working in a non-profit

· Learn about horses and equine experiences

· Learn valuable leadership skills through partnering with people and horses

· Build upon soft skills that all employers look for such as: communication, teamwork,        adaptability, problem solving, and creativity

· Grow personally and professionally through getting out of your comfort zone

· Have an unforgettable experience supporting HHH’s mission

What Are We Looking For In An Intern?

· FACT: Faithful, Available, Contagious and Teachable

· Highly motivated/self starter

· Strong interest in learning and willing to ask questions

· Responsible and dependable

· Accepting of feedback and coachable

· Positive attitude

· Willing to do some administrative work, scheduling, physical labor and        work outside

· Interest in non-profit work, people, horses, teaching, etc. (Horse                  knowledge is not required but comfort around horses is a must.)

· High school Seniors or College Students

Responsiblities May Include:

· Supporting participants in equine experiences at Divine                Providence of South Dakota and at Joy Ranch

· Planning and leading a rotation for summer equine experiences

· Prepping for participants for equine experiences in the arena,      and horses for various equine experiences

· Hands on assistance an Equine Specialist at HHH sessions

· Scheduling and Inputting data

· Attending team meetings

Internship Dates


Actual start/end dates vary according to our program schedule and will be agreed upon during the onboarding process. Please indicate your availability on your internship application.



Thank you for your interest in serving at DPoSD. Please complete this brief inquiry form. A staff member will be in touch with you shortly regarding your potential internship at DPoSD

*DPoSD internships are paid $12 an hour for up to 120 hours during the summer.

Level of Education
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