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Ecumenical Pulpit Supply Relief For Churches In North East South Dakota


The vast majority of pastors in NE South Dakota are solo.  In other words, their congregations rely completely on them to provide pastoral care and guidance 365 days a year. Many pastors work other jobs to compensate their church salaries because they simply can’t live on what the church pays them.  The need for Pulpit Supply is real and even greater in the rural areas of NE South Dakota where pastors serve two and sometimes three churches.

In countless rural areas in NE South Dakota, there are shortages of ordained pastors; Pulpit Supply can help alleviate that problem. Pulpit Supply can provide relief and help to eliminate some of the burdens on pastors.  Pulpit Supply affords lay people who are called to preach the opportunity to receive Christ-centered, biblically based, in-service training from a variety of local ordained pastors and spiritual leaders without having to enroll in an online or seminary courses to help them rise to the challenge placed before them. 

Finally, we exist to strengthen  local churches in NE South Dakota and PULPIT SUPPLY may serve  as a discernment phase  for lay persons who are trying to decide whether or not to pursue a formal lay preaching program through their own church or to enter seminary.

The Watertown Area Community Foundation 365 Grant Program provided start-up funding for DPOSD Pulpit Supply.

Interested In DPoSD Providing Pulpit Supply Relief?

pulpit application

Pulpit Supply Application Process

Step 1: Application Submission

o Apply online.  We'll follow-up with you and ask you to complete a supplemental questionnaire by email. 


Step 2: Submit Supplemental Application Materials

o Enhanced Background Check:


  • Select: DH97e: Volunteer Enhanced Background Check


  • Create an account and submit for background check.


  • Cost is $51.00. Results will be sent to Divine Providence of South Dakota.

  • Return the completed questionnaire and provide references.​​


Step 3: Visit and Interview with Pulpit Supply Advisory Board Members

  • Upon completing your supplemental application materials you will be invited to meet with members of the Pulpit Supply Advisory Board and participate in an interview with them at that time.


Step 4: Formal Invitation Sent

o Following the visit and interview a final review of your application materials will take place. Formal Invitations will be sent to all applicants meeting Pulpit Supply requirements.


Step 5: Attend Pulpit Supply Course of Study

o Attend Pulpit Supply Course of Study with other Pulpit Supply members.

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