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For Adult Survivors of 

Child Sexual Abuse & Sexual Assault 

Our next event, the Hope in God Retreat, is happening on October 27th-29th at Abbey of the Hills in Marvin, SD! See more information here

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HOPE IN GOD for Women & Men

Hope In God for Women was created in the Summer of 2016. Hope In God is a Christian network of women survivors of child sexual abuse and sexual assault who provide spiritual and emotional support to each other while increasing community awareness in Northeast South Dakota.  God never works just through one individual. He always works through a community of individuals to accomplish His purpose. Hope In God serves as a resource for law enforcement and churches and provides twelve offerings to survivors of child sexual abuse and sexual assault: weekly Wounded Heart book study; Heartwood-one-on-one mentoring offering; Outreach opportunities for churches, businesses, schools and organizations; Gather, Grow & Go-indoor and outdoor activities; to include equine experiences for women; weekly Circle groups; and Diversity initiatives for Native American Women and Hispanic Women. Hope In God includes a Jail Ministry at the Codington County Jail and a Praise & Worship Ministry called Mercy Tree.  Our newest ministry is a Bible Study for TEENs.


In June 2017, Hope In God for Men was launched. Hope In God is the fourth ministry of Divine Providence of South Dakota. We all share a common destiny—God’s ultimate purpose is to bring us into full relationship with Him while forming us into the image of His son, Jesus Christ. Yet, we also have a unique destiny because we’re each “one of a kind.” There will never be another you. God gifted you with uniqueness and He wants you to become the very best version of you.  You’ll discover the best version you as you journey seeking God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.

You might say that God created Hope In God to be a dreamcatcher...each of us is created with a need to continually grow through our dreams and hopes. Joined with dreams and hopes is the desire to cooperate with our redemption by finding ways to face our fears in order to heal the part in each of us that is broken through sin—ours and others. You're invited to share your dreams and hopes with us as well as face your fears for this is the way all of us become the very best version of YOU that God planned and created from the very beginning. For more information, give us a call at 605.880.6201 or email us at

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